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  • Kineziterapia
  • Parafinë - Peloidoterapia
  • Elektroterapia
  • Laseroterapia
  • Magnetoterapia
  • Hidroterapia
  • Balneoterapia

    The application of thermomineral water for therapeutic purposes is called balneotherapy. This water is above 20oC and contains more than 1 gram of dissolved substances per liter of water. Balneotherapy has a very complex impact. According to water properties and other accompanying factors may be:

    Hidroteramle - where the main effect is the temperature through the water,

    Hidrokinetike - where the main action is mechanical energy combined with thermal energy such as various showers, underwater massages and hydro-stimulation..

    Hidrokimike - the action of certain chemical substances, and

    Hidroelektrike - using one-way (galvanic) constant current through water. When applied only as a hot procedure it is enough for 20 minutes, because it is sufficient to increase the temperature of the skin, muscle and articular capsules as well as improve blood circulation. The duration of the therapy depends on the stimulus force, the duration of the procedures and the size of the body surface to which the bullying acts. The hydrotherapeutic procedures according to the surface where the water operates may be local and general.

    Local when a body is submerged in the water while general when the whole body is immersed in water. Local procedures can be performed every day, while general for each day or with interruption. Therapy lasts 3-5 weeks. Therapy can be repeated after 3 to 4 months.

  • Therapeutic pool

    is equipped with steep platforms, staircases and elevators to assist patients at the entrance and exit, as well as side and parallel support to provide patient stance. Different balls can be used during exercises. The therapeutic effect is achieved by combining the physical properties of water (hydrostatic pressure, dendrocyte) as well as therapeutic exercises. Among the general effects of the pool treatment we have: improving blood circulation, relaxation, improving mobility, strengthening the muscles, providing minimum walking distance exercises, and improving the emotional and mental condition. It is recommended for orthopedic patients, patients with chronic spinal cord pain, chronic rheumatoid arthritis, patients with neurological diseases. Treatment lasts 15 to 45 minutes under the monitoring of vital signs. Temp. the water in the therapeutic pool is 33-36 ° C, while the temp. optimal for recreational activities 28 - 30 ° C.

  • Underwater massages (Habard or galvanic tubes)

    The patient is completely immersed in the water, in the position lying on the back or bark. With the help of the pulsator, the water pressure is used through the duct with a force of 1 to 2 atmospheres, observing the venous circulation (from the periphery towards the heart). The water temperature is 32 - 33 ° C. Treatment time lasts 20 min.

  • Alternative Washing (Variable)

    Apply through two vessels. In one container temp. the water is 10 - 15 ° C, while the other is 38 - 40 ° C. The patient immerses the extremities in the hot water and keeps them for about 2 minutes and then immerses them in the container with cold water in which it holds 20 to 30 sec. This repetition is done 4 - 5 times, starting with hot water and finished with cold water. The result of this therapy is the improvement of local circulation.

  • Washing haufeove

    Local baths are characterized by a gradual rise in temperature. Starts with temp. water from 30 ° C and fill the container gradually with hot water for 20 min until the temperature is reached. of water of 40 - 42 ° C. The temperature gradually increases so does not come up to the injury of the blood vessels. These washing do not cause vasoconstriction or paradoxical reaction only gradually leads to the expansion of the blood vessels where a local hyperglycemia is achieved. Therapy is applied every day 10 to 20 sessions. Indications: morbus raynand, blood vessel arteriosclerosis and impairment of blood vessels in advanced diabetes.

  • Electrotherapy

    Galvanism and electrocrops - increases blood flow to the tissue, reduces pain, improves circulation, and so on..

    Diadinamic power - is low-frequency current, improves circulation and achieves a strong analgesic effect.

    interference power - remove muscle spasm, remove pain, improve blood circulation.

    TENS - applies to all types of pain where rapid and strong action is needed.

    UZ - Ultrasound waves penetrate 3 to 5 cm deep into the tissue and have analgesic thermal and mechanical effects.

    Magneto therapy - especially for all rheumatic diseases, because it reduces edema and inflammation of the joints, reduces pain, accelerates the formation of callus, regenerates and regenerates tissue and cartilage, stimulates hormone secretion, reduces muscle spasms, increases bone calcium osteoporosis and post fractures, increases local and overall immunity. The best results are given to the patient with osteoporosis, gonarthrosis, coxarthrosis, spondylosis, bone injuries and bruises, endotrope of the stomach and knee, multiple sclerosis, and so on.

    Llaseroterapia - Reduces pain, inflammatory conditions, edema, accelerates tissue regeneration, has a beneficial effect on the regeneration of bones, peripheral nerves, muscular and skin tissue. Especially effective sports injuries, wounds that are difficult to close, rheumatic diseases, can also be used as acupuncture with lazer.

  • Manual massage

    ėshtė procedurė themelore shėruese, e ruajtjes sė shėndetit si dhe program bashkėkohorė i relaksimit. Ajo ėshtė aplikim i lėvizjeve special tė duarve nė lėkurė, shtresen nėnlėkurore si dhe indet e thella. Masazha ėshtė veprim i duarėve tė fizioterapeutit ose pėrsonit i cili e kryen masazhen me qėllim tė pėrmirsimit tė gjendjes ekzistuese tė pėrsonit i cili i nėnshtrohet kėsaj procedure. Masazha manuele klasike (segmentale ose e pėrgjithshme) pėrmirėson qarkullimin venoz dhe limfatik , rrit ushqyeshmėrn e lėkurės dhe indit nėnlėkuror, relakson muskujt, zvogėlon dhembjet dhe qetėson.

  • Manual lymphatic drainage

    is the most effective technique of manure massage for the elimination of edema of different backgrounds. With a combination of oils and various massage techniques we achieve a psychic and physical relaxation.

  • Medicinal clay

    Banja Kllokot Ban has been studied scientifically and it has been verified that it fulfills all the necessary criteria for medical use. Klokot Banja's Cave represents a mix of thermomineral water as well as the organic and inorganic substances of Klokot's healing mud named as Klokot pelloida. Pellus usually applied locally in the form of compresses or directly to the right place by wrapping the body parts. Apply hot or indifferent temperature. Depending on the illness and the indications of the individual, the pelloid is first heated and then the diseased parts of the body are wrapped around it and wrapped around 15 to 20 minutes and finally the pelloida leaves with thermomineral water. There are mechanical, thermal and chemical effects. Accelerates blood circulation, enhances metabolic processes, helps in chronic inflammatory processes, and so on.

  • Parafinoterapia

    is a simple method of thermotherapy with which good therapeutic results are achieved. Usually it is used for therapeutic procedures of the joints but also for other parts of the body, such as the face, the back, and so on. Apply with the help of gases immersed in paraffin at a temperature of 55-60 ° C. Therapy lasts 15-20 min. After skin therapy is hyperemic, hot and elastic, prepared for other therapeutic procedures.